Passenger information content management

Service disruptions with delays or even cancelations of trips require fast and reliable information of passengers and staff alike. 与十大可靠彩票平台信息中心 software module dispatchers can easily create, 传播, and store special content to ensure that passengers have always up-to-date information about transit services throughout all channels.

关键 好处

Fast and reliable messaging

Fast and reliable creation and dissemination of special messages to passengers during service disruptions

Flexible management of information

Preparation of large information campaigns combining timed information on all output channels

Easy and intuitive user interface

Web-based and intuitive user interface for a speedy creation and filtering of stored information content

Reliable tools for future planning

Reliable execution of future information campaigns based on a campaign planner

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Our central software includes a full range of software modules for display control, vehicle monitoring, information and content management.